words and wanders and life

I love words. I love travelling, and photography, and a lot of plenty other things in life. But I am also a first year law student, and I think that complicates things… a lot. Law school doesn’t really give you much time for anything else but studying.

I also find thrill in defiance. I want to live past the codals and the constitution. And that is exactly what I will do with this blog.

My name is Vani. I am a twenty-one year old Filipina, taking her small steps to becoming a lawyer. In the process however, I have no plans to let go of my appreciation for life, and for all the things I find beautiful in it. And so I will fill this travel blog (yes, it will be mostly about that) of stories and pictures of my travels, and of places I want and plan to go to. I will not lie: vacation time only comes every four months for me, so I won’t be barraging you with that many long term travel stories (well, not yet, at least), but with one to three day getaways. Sometimes, if I am to be honest, I may give in to the grind of school, and not be able to go on trips for weeks.

But that is why words exist. They have a penchant for beautifully filling up spaces you would have otherwise ignored.

So I can’t wait to take flight on this journey, and I do hope I see you guys around!



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