things to remember when visiting lynn canyon park

Lynn Canyon was my first. In January 2014, I left to study for a term in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It was my first time to ride a plane, first time to leave the country, and first time to actually have a chance to fall in love with travelling–but that part, I’ll discuss some other time.

Anyway, a month into being British Columbians, my fellow exchange students and I realized we hadn’t really explored the beautiful Canadian province since we had arrived. Realizing that we needed an escape from the malls, downtown, our apartment, and UBC, we started scouting around for suggestions on places to visit. It wasn’t long til we heard about the Lynn Canyon Park, and so gearing up for what felt like an epic journey, we three little girls set out for our first Vancouver destination.


  1. You’ll need patience and courage. The one thing I think Lynn Canyon is known for is its suspension bridge. It isn’t as wide or long as to leave your jaws hanging, but it’s pretty enough for pictures. It’s still really high though, and this might be a scare for some, so remember, don’t look down! It’s also pretty narrow, so you have to constantly battle with other visitors and be patient enough to wait for the traffic to lighten so you can take good pictures.
  2. Visit during the summer. I heard that the second thing people came to the park for was the Lynn Creek. It was supposedly perfect for swimming, and even cliff diving–which we didn’t get a chance to experience because we visited Lynn during early winter. There’s still beauty in visiting during the winter though, of course. After all, who wouldn’t love throwing blocks of ice at a frozen lake?
  3. Pack some food! The fact that we went when it was freezing cold doesn’t mean the trip wasn’t worth it though! We were still able to have a decent picnic on the large rocks by the side of the creek, watching the clearest water flow through. So, always bring food. Even if you do go during the summer. Lynn Canyon Park is a really wide place so you’ll do a lot of walking and it isn’t very pleasant having to hold off your hunger while you hike to the nearest store far away.
  4. Go as early as you can. There we so many things to do. We left for Lynn Canyon from Downtown Vancouver at around noon–not a very smart idea. Again, there’s a lot to do and a lot to visit in Lynn Canyon Park, so if you don’t plan on returning, better visit it in the early morning to make the most of the experience.
  5. Bring a camera. This is a given for almost anyone who travels and wants to capture moments, but I think this should be emphasized for Lynn Canyon. The park is a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, and there are so many unusual and interesting things to capture! Better get your cameras ready!

All in all, I do think Lynn Canyon is a must visit for everyone. Consider also, that the park is actually free of charge! We loved the place even if we just got to see only a third of it, so what more if you could see the whole place?

How to get to Lynn Canyon from Downtown Vancouver via Public Transpo

  1. Take the train to Waterfront Station
  2. Walk to the platform of the Sea Bus and board it to get to North Vancouver
  3. From the Sea Bus, you’ll get down at Lonsdale Quay, outside of which are various bus terminals
  4. Board Bus 225 at Bay 5 (this won’t be hard to miss because the bus has a big LYNN VALLEY projected at its front)
  5. Around 30 minutes from Lonsdale Quay, get down at Stop 54185
  6. From there, walk north for around a hundred meters to Peters Road, where you’ll see an abundant number of signs leading you to Lynn Canyon Valley

You have two other options to get to Lynn Canyon from Vancouver. The first is by cab, of course. The second is all by bus–but this route I haven’t figured out yet.

Note: The park is open from 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM on June to September, and 12:00 PM- 4:00 PM on other months.

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