san juan featurette: the cosplaying surfer

We forgot to ask his name. You must forgive us. In the hustle of trying to keep ourselves from crashing into the waves of the sea, it must have slipped away. Or maybe we just didn’t really care to remember when we first heard it. But I prefer to believe the former.

He said he’s a cosplayer. We thought he was a surfer. He shrugged, telling us he was both. Oh, and he was a photographer too. And a video editor. I was skeptical. Prejudice kicked in and it he seemed like too much of a local to have time for attending cosplaying events in the cities, much less edit videos.

But of course, like all good stories, I ended up changing my mind for the better. It was hard not too when you ended up owing him for most of your surfing pictures you want to post in your blog. It was hard not too, when we wanted him to tag along with us as we went around the town, so we could have someone who would take our pictures (we were quickly growing tired of taking selfies).

He had a crush on my best friend. Wondered if he could get to know her better. She laughed. The same way she laughed at most of things in life. But they walked together when we returned to the resort. And at least, when he finally left, she waved him a goodbye.


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