Despite everything, thank you 2016! [Photo Gallery]

I’d hate to be all negative here, but 2016 was shitty. It gave the world President Duterte, President Trump, and lots of death. It gave me three boxes full of cases to finish in five months, coupled with a cough that never seemed to go away. It took from this world a person I have loved long before I knew what the word meant, and who loved me more than was possible.

Looking back, I find it funny that one of my closest friends told me at the end of 2015 that 2016 was going to be my year. It obviously was not, but it certainly has been the most interesting and that, despite everything, is something to be thankful for. It’s taught me not to not waste my efforts doing stuff that bring nothing but superficial happiness, and to invest some of it in things bigger than work or play. More than anything, it’s made me realize the fragility of time, and how possibly beautiful moments can slip away so easily if you don’t make the most of them.

I would also say it’s been a pretty good year for travelling, though I (predictably) didn’t get to all the places I had dreamed of going to. There were a lot of milestones, though. For one, I finally got to travel to another country with my best friend. I had many spontaneous trips in the locality. And just this December, I was able to revisit my roots and culture by visiting the mountains of Cordillera.

That being said, here are my favorite five places of 2016:


The majestic Wat Chai Wattanaram in Ayutthaya, Thailand


Khaosan Road in Bangkok, Thailand: “The centre of the backpacking universe”


Historical Fort Santiago, Manila, Philippines


Mountains of the Cordillera, Philippines


In Mainit, Mt. Province, Philippines boiling hot water gush out of the local village walls to form springs





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